Why I Do What I Do



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2
Written by Robin Kelley Harp

I am convinced that through discovering and understanding your personal “why” you can become anything you wish to become! You see, this personal dedication to the bigger picture will always keep you pressing forward! The beauty of your personal “why” keeps you striving for your long term goals, even when your today doesn’t go very well. My personal why stems from many years of disability and challenge. It continues to give me hope to get up every morning!

My deep core reason for doing what I do revolves around the disease of Sarcoidosis. I have been dealing with this disease on a daily basis for 30 years now, and 8 years ago it caused me to go blind. Sarcoidosis is primarily a pulmonary auto-immune disease, but can affect every organ in your body. Sarcoidosis is just as insidious as Cancer, just without the recognition. Basically, the medical community does not know much about this mystery disease. My goal in this life is to spread awareness of the disease of Sarcoidosis, find the unknown cause, and ultimately through research find a cure. I have dedicated myself to this purpose…’til my last breath! For that purpose, I have started a Sarcoidosis community on Facebook. Everything that I plan to do will refer back to Sarcoidosis awareness!

I am currently working on a business venture to help chronically ill and disabled persons who need to lose weight. I intend to use the profit from this venture to fund my Sarcoidosis awareness campaign. As a wheelchair-bound disabled person, I realize how easy it is to gain excess weight, and how difficult it is to then lose it. The medication Prednisone alone (which is given for auto-immune diseases) can really pack the weight on. With illness and fatigue, you are unable to exercise, and so one feels very helpless. I have recently reached my goal weight loss of 100 pounds with a fantastic nutrition program utilizing very little movement. I am bursting at the seams so ready to help others do what they feel is impossible! It is possible to be physically disabled and still lose 50-100 pounds!! I am ready to empower and inspire others like me!


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