My Path to Success


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

Written by Robin Kelley Harp

What do I need to do now to define my path as successful? One of the main things that I need to focus on is my writing! So, while I’m sitting reflecting and trying to write, a million ideas of what I should be doing are running through my mind. From now on, I will implement the Pomodoro technique to help me stay on track! One can do anything for 25 minutes–right?! After all, I have an amazing idea for a book!! It is all in my head already, and the chapters are outlined. It’s simply just waiting for me to get it organized on paper!

The really great thing about finishing my book will be that it actually connects to my plans for my weight loss membership community. Since I am currently doing everything in my power to lose weight and be as healthy as I can be with this dreaded disease of Sarcoidosis, I am all about health and wellness! It is my prayer that my enthusiasm can help other disabled people discover a success story in their own lives. It is my goal to have that membership community up and running by November 1st, in time to help people through the holidays.

All of this plays a part in helping me get closer to my dreams. I really do have a heart for others, and wish to see chronically ill/disabled people like me living their best life possible! While I am empowering these people to get as healthy as possible, I in turn will be doing the same thing for myself. It’s a win-win!! This “dream” business venture will also allow me and my family to live a location independent lifestyle that I am sooo looking forward to! There are Sarcoidosis survivors all across the world, and I would like to “connect the dots” with each one!


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