Gaining Momentum in a Month


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

Written by Robin Kelley Harp

Last November I decided to jump in wholeheartedly and learn everything I could about starting an online business venture. As excited as I was, I soon found myself very stuck–overwhelmed! What happened was that I dug in deep and took several online courses all at the same time while listening to every business podcast and webinar I could get my hands on. Yes, I need to learn certain things about how to go into this business venture, but I was using all of my time for gaining knowledge and not crafting my product. It was so easy to procrastinate getting to the next level because I was indeed busy! However, the buzz of busyness was not getting me where I need to be.

After consistently posting a 200-300 word blog every night for the past six nights as a part of this 10 day blog challenge, I believe that I have what it takes to write at least 200-300 words every night for the next 30 days. I may write posts for my blog, however I am going to focus on writing content for my first Kindle book. I am going to make an effort to clear the decks of any other business activities and focus on getting my first Kindle book published by the new year.

Tonight’s blog post challenge has really opened my eyes to a deep problem I was having. I was feeling severe overwhelm, but not knowing what to call it and certainly not knowing what to do about it. Sitting down to write about this subject really helped me realize some of my mistakes. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in something so cathartic!!


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