Somewhere Out West, Headin’ Somewhere Down South…


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Written by Robin Kelley Harp

Breathtaking!!! This southern journey down highway 101–the Pacific Coast Highway–is amazing. Granted, this time I cannot experience it in the same way due to my blindness, but I certainly have vivid memories of this inspiring vista from years gone by. This time we are in no hurry because there are no jobs, businesses, or school to return to. No rigid schedules to follow! We are finally living a location independent lifestyle–traveling with our business on board!

Even though we are living more of a free spirit lifestyle, we tend to stick to a similar schedule every day to balance out work and play time. Right now, our rig–a 39′ Class C Toy Hauler–is backed up to the beautiful Siletz River in the Coyote Rock campground near Lincoln City, Oregon. Most mornings find us at our picnic table enjoying a delicious campfire breakfast, but this morning we are venturing out to the beautiful seaside village that is Depoe Bay. The big platters of breakfast at the Sea Hag restaurant are calling our names! The pancake platter which includes fresh Marion berries and whipped cream is much too big for one person, so daughter Alexis and I are going to tackle it together! Husband Mike is going for a big platter of scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits and gravy! I know from a past trip that you can see the Pacific Ocean right from your table, and Alexis is enjoying watching the seagulls’ antics! We will pick up some fresh produce from the local farmers market and head back to the campground.

Mike and I settle in with the laptop to work for a few hours as Alexis either catches up on her online homeschool, or chats with a friend on Rabbit. Later in the afternoon, we may go for a walk around the campground, or explore a nearby town. Where we are located, there are also possibilities for renting a boat and paddling down the river. We will be here for another two weeks, and then head south down highway 101 for more adventures! So thankful for the opportunity that our online business provides!


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