The Conclusion Of The 10 Day Blog Challenge

Hi! Robin Kelley Harp here! Just to let you know that if you’ve been reading the previous blog posts-they have been written for a 10 Day Blog Challenge hosted by Natalie Sisson of and I had a wonderful time with each day’s challenge! I learned a lot about myself and how I do business. If you are looking for an incredible business mentor and motivator, please check out her websites and programs! I highly recommend The Freedom Plan!

I was so honored to be included in the winners list! This concludes the series of blog challenge posts, and now we will continue with all things creative writing!

“Spot Prize: For blogging every day and rocking it on social media, great use of images and/or the challenge badge:

• Patrick M Matherne
• Dr Dedun
• Amanda Turner
• Rebecca Achelles
• Merrilee Merlady
• Megan Seamans
• Linda Summers
• The Curly Girlies
• Karen Green
• Robin Kelley Harp

You’ve ALL won a copy of my Suitcase Entrepreneur book (in PDF or ePub) PLUS my audio book (total value of $35).”

**Purple Kaleidoscope is a creative writing space for me as well as others. If you would like to write a blog post as a guest, please email your article with an appropriate picture or a picture of yourself (if possible) to: Please keep it G/PG family oriented! Thanks! 



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