The Wake Up Call

Written by Robin Kelley Harp

It is my prayer that Hurricane Matthew which roared off the coast of Savannah, Georgia on October 7th will become the wake up call for every procrastinator in the area. Although Hurricane Matthew did not officially come ashore in Savannah, it caused extensive damage in the entire area, as well as the entire eastern seaboard from Florida up through North Carolina.

I have lived in south Georgia near Savannah my entire life of 55 years and have never experienced a storm quite like this one. Although we have had tropical systems that have flooded our county, I have never witnessed a large amount of trees falling. The worst winds were felt deep in the night Friday and it seems that when the winds calmed down was when our local transformer blew. It was an audible sound that you can’t mistake! My husband and I were lying in bed talking around 6:45AM when we felt a heavy thud outside our bedroom window. Honestly, it felt like a giant had jumped down from the beanstalk. My husband looked outside to find a huge tree from our neighbors yard did indeed fall near our bedroom window. He then went outside to investigate, and found that it was only approximately 15 feet from the window where we had been lying in bed. (Close call!) He also found that another one of the neighbors trees had fallen across our street, taking some wires and cables with it. We were without power for 4 days, and it could have been much, much worse. The repair crews worked so diligently  to get everything back online, and reestablish power. It was estimated by Georgia Power that we had around 3,500 trees down in our area alone, and the crews repaired or replaced 1,000 power poles and over 120 miles of wire. Great job guys!

We were mostly prepared, being minimalist preppers, and it really paid off for us! My husband, Pioneer Mike, pulled out our propane cooktop that first day and prepared a big pot of beans with a diced up canned ham out in the backyard. Next morning he used the same cooker to use our campfire percolator to make his morning coffee, as well as a frying pan full of bacon and eggs. Man, we roughed it! LOL! We were able to do this because we were prepared. It is my wish that everyone would be more prepared for any eventuality. It could’ve been much worse and our power could’ve been out for a lot longer! Statistics show that most households only have 3 days worth of food in their pantry. Most have not even considered water storage, or a way to heat up the food. The little propane cooktop that we have only costs $30 at Amazon. Don’t forget to purchase a manual can opener if you haven’t yet. Please don’t wait until an emergency happens! You really don’t want to be out in the long gas lines, or dash into a crowded grocery store only to find empty shelves! Be ready! If you need help and don’t know where to start, simply email me and I can send you a list to work with to get started! Think about it–what would you do if you had to stay in your home for one month? Could you exist on the supplies you currently have?


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