So Familiar a Gleam


Written by Alexis Harp June 14, 2014

Writing inspiration: Once Upon A Dream, Lana Del Rey version from Maleficent 

The room was dimly lit; the only source of light being the sun peeking through the vintage lace curtains that protected the room from curious eyes. Bookcase fit to burst with all the books it held, a few high-backed, sturdy, plush chairs in a deep mahogany, small table in between just waiting for a cup and saucer. A Victorian apothecary cabinet with various sized jars and bottles inside, full of ominous looking substances. A stack of large tomes on top, a page tacked to the side with instructions on how to make some sort of concoction. A dresser across from that, knick-knacks covering the top, aside from a corner on which an ancient record player was placed. It sat there, proudly gleaming slightly despite the dust that encompassed everything in the room.

And, if anyone would have been there to see, they’d notice it begin to play, all of its own accord.

“I danced with you, once upon a dream…”