Written by Robin Kelley Harp-September 2016

How do you gauge time?
I wonder how much water has flowed under that proverbial bridge–
Does it really matter?
Or are there some moments where you find that time just stands still? And nothing else matters except that moment (and what you do with it)!
Take the chance!! But choose wisely–and use that moment wisely, to its fullest extent!
Do you ever wonder what might have been?
Well, we can’t go back and change everything, but sometimes if we are truly blessed in this life, there is a potential that we get another go–A do-over!!
Take the chance!!
What is the worst thing that could happen?
Okay, so you could fall on your face, but imagine the possibilities! Imagine a life where you wake up and you live your perfect day–really LIVE IT!! Not just dream about it, not just have a fantasy–but really LIVE IT!!
On all cylinders, baby!!